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October 27, 2012
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Fawkses And Facial Features by Culpeo-Fox Fawkses And Facial Features by Culpeo-Fox
Kicking myself again with deepening character design without creating caricatures. Durr.

Many artists (even the more professional ones) i see around suffer from the "creating clones"-disorder. Which means - great characters all over the place with awesome colour bases - but if they were only silhouettes you could barely keep them apart from each other. I've been there as well (having a bunch of stories with a bunch of foxes to deal with) and still am to some degree, so this was again a good practice to get away from it.

The following is just a little reminder to myself. So you don't need to read all of that. If you want, you can stop right here and wouldn't really miss a thing. :P

Body shapes:

From Alopecoides/Fox Eye

He has that typical „i'm tired of everything“-look; his appearance is wiry, old and worn out in shape and you can clearly tell that he aged prematurely. Slender build, quite large, pointy ears and a slightly crooked snout. Distinctive cheek bones. Absolutely not a beauty.

Short and stocky build, slighty curved, small snout, a tuft of headfur being one of her most distinguished features. Mostly seen with a bold/curious expression.

A literal flea bag with a ruffled, squalid appearance. Very small and timid, with large, batlike ears. Always seems a little confused.

Gneffer Yagunna:
The most distinguish feature he has is...that there is none (except for his colour variation). He literally is the generic, forgettable fox in appearance, without any special characteristics - just the incarnation of what makes a vulpine. Mostly very calm and well-mannered, though he easily tends to arrogance. Long scar over his right shoulder which is rarely seen due to his thick fur.

Super-pointy ears, both being quite damaged. A sharp and even snout, with delicately chiselled features. Notably large teeth and tends to grin a lot. Fierce and malicious in nature.

Kanay Su Naya:
Very pointy, long and elegant snout and surpremely smooth fur (which also gives her the surname „the sleek“). Femme fatale.

The portrayal of a strong and well-shaped dog fox, known and envied for his contrasty fur and gorgeous tail. Small tuft of headfur, even snout, distinctive chin. Proud, energetic and stubborn.

Rather shy and inconspicuous in appearance. Most notable for her round shaped ears and smooth cheeks.

Being the archetypical urban fox, he has a scrawny build, damaged whiskers, tousled fur which is full of fleas and ticks, tattered pointy ears, a heavily crooked snout and a quite marked chin. Although his body has seen better days he still would have a smile with a certain vanity on his chaps. Overbite.

Elegant and delicate shape that barely belies her harsh and rugged nature, though. Pointy ears, the right one being ripped off.

Cruved snout and a heavy, massive build, distinctive cheeks. A well-fed, stocky fox with an insolent attidude who left the land and came down to the city.

Being a cape fox, she shares the typical huge ears, big understanding eyes and short snout of her species, with a fluffy tuft of headfur. Delicate in shape with a generally good natured and caring expression.

From The Bizarre Mr. Mikado

Xipe Thomson:
In terms of facial features she shares many similarities with her humane appearance. Sharp and curved cheek fur, spiky tuft of headfur, an even snout and a somewhat doubting attidude.

Pointy and rugged ears, a sharp and long snout and distinctive cheeks. Always wears a red kerchief. Sophisticated character that speaks throug his whole body language, sleek build. Although having a clearly mischivous attitude he can also show himself remarkably caring and loveable.
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these are great
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Awesome! Shinún is my Favorite^^ Heart 
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WHY DO YOU DRAW SO WELL?! i love your pictures by the way
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Ich mag alle die Fuchen, aber ich denke Grennian ist hier meine lieblingsfuchs. Er erinert mich der Löwen Scar von Löwen des Königs (the lion king).

bitte vergeben meine deutsch, ich kann nicht so oft üben...
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